Culverts, Crime Detection and Confined Spaces

Culverts maintain water flow beneath or around such infrastructure as bridges, roads or access to properties. They are an essential part of the drainage network, helping to maintain water flow.
They are usually made from reinforced concrete, steel or plastic, but regardless of what material they are made from, they require regular maintenance.
As part of our drainage work, we investigate culverts, using CCTV drain survey techniques to detect and diagnose drainage problems.

Confined Space Experience
When culverts require investigation, it means working in a confined space to get a clear picture of what condition the drain is in. This involves us using a variety of drainage detection techniques, including drain surveys, drain tracing and drain mapping.
These specialist techniques, together with our professional experience working in confined spaces, have ideally equipped us for a variety of situations and circumstances.
Therefore, when West Mercia Police approached us to for assistance in looking inside a culvert as a part of a crime investigation, we were more than willing to help.
This culvert had a large diameter but the police were uncertain what kind of condition it was in underground. We could supply this information with our use of ATEX-certified camera equipment, which allowed us to explore the culvert remotely and gather detailed data about its condition.

What Can Go Wrong with Culverts?
As engineered channels, culverts can play an essential part in water flow, drainage and regulation, but this also means they are prone to deterioration and decay through wear and tear over time.
With age, culverts can erode and decompose, resulting in flooding through overspill, if water can no longer pass through them effectively.
As they can increase the flood risk if not adequately maintained, many authorities now discourage the use of culverts, opting instead for other water management and drainage methods such as sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).
For the police, in this case, searching a culvert without first knowing its condition could pose a risk, with the potential for the inside being unstable, or even flooded.
Using our CCTV drain survey technology we gave the West Mercia Police the detail they needed so that they could continue with their investigation.

Do You Have a Culvert?
People who have a culvert on their property or land are responsible for maintaining it to ensure it allows the free flow of water.
If you have a culvert, you must ensure you maintain it. Contact Drainage Consultants today for culvert inspection and cleaning – this should be something we do for you routinely, to guard against flooding.