Motorists are being warned to find an alternative route or expect severe delays on the A34 Queensville in Stafford after a sewer collapsed.

The sewer, which runs under the road surface, had been expected to be repaired quickly, but the discovery of a gas main in the same trench has meant work needed to be halted until the area was confirmed safe by National Grid Gas.

Drain inspection engineers are continuing to assess the best method to repair the drain safely, whilst temporary traffic lights are put in place. A spokesperson for Severn Trent Water stated:

“We’ve not been able to progress further with the sewer pipe repair as we’re still assessing how best to tackle what’s needed.

“The excavated trench contains gas and water pipes as well the damaged sewer pipe, and we need to make sure we take a safe and practicable approach to the repairs.

“In the meantime, the excavation has been safely enclosed by barriers and traffic is able to flow freely past the spot.”

Sewers can often be repaired quite quickly when the problem is found. The drainage contractor will assess the damage and suggest a suitable repair.

Part of the South Circular in London is to remain closed for a further week at least, after emergency repairs are made to part of the sewer system.

The sewerage system that is beneath London Road in Forest Hill collapsed last Friday and needs to be rebuilt. Diversions are in place around the work which is near Sainsbury’s supermarket and it is estimated the works will not be complete for another week at least.

Thames Water is carrying out the repairs to the drainage system and are rebuilding part of the sewer. A spokesperson for Thames Water stated:

“The rebuild of this section of sewer is expected to take about two weeks.

“We are really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing road-users.”

Although on a smaller scale than the sewer system on London Road, a collapsed drain that leads from your home to the public sewer system can have devastating consequences for the homeowner. The waste water will not be able to flow into the sewer and in the worst cases can back up into your home.

If you do have a damaged waste pipe, it’s important to instigate a repair quickly. A drainage contractor will asses the damage and be able to offer the most appropriate solution.