Can Your Plumber Do That? Why You Need a Drain Survey

You might think with most drainage issues it’s simply a case of phoning your local plumber. You might also think that a drain survey sounds too complex, and expensive, to be worth your while. Can’t the plumber sort it out?
Drainage Expertise
The difficulty with drains is often that while you can see there’s a problem inside your home – a sink that takes ages to drain, for example – the cause of it will be I the drainage network, underneath your property.
So, while your plumber will be fine for replacing pipework and taps inside, or leading into, your property, for serious drainage issues, you need experts in this field.
This is because, to accurately detect and diagnose many drainage issues, requires the right equipment and techniques – those of a drainage contractor rather than a plumber.
One such specialist method at our disposal is the drain survey.
Symptoms, Detection and Diagnosis
You might have smelly drains, or baths and sinks that take a while to empty. These are signs of having blocked drains.
There can also be drainage issues that are not immediately noticeable, but can cause long-term damage to your property, such as a collapsed or leaking drain. This kind of deterioration can, ultimately, undermine your property’s foundations, leading to subsidence.
Collapsed drains can arise from tree root incursion, and this is not something you would necessarily notice.
This is where a drain survey is a vital tool in discovering drainage problems. By sending a CCTV camera down your drainage network and analysing what we’re seeing as it happens, we can get a much clearer picture of the state of your drains, revealing damaged areas or blockages.
Your drains may require re-lining, or even replacing. A drain survey will give us the information we need to get a clear idea of the action we need to take to sort your drains out.
This is not something your plumber can do.
If you suspect you have any of the symptoms of a blocked or damaged drain, get the experts in. Contact us today.