Advice to new parents about avoiding bathroom blockages

A leading UK water supply and treatment utility company has provided new parents with some helpful advice on how to prevent blocked pipes in the home.

Yorkshire Water has described how you can look after the drainage system of your property at a time when you are just coming to terms with your new addition to the family.

In order to stay away from having to tackle a flooded bathroom, it is advised that you refrain from flushing unsuitable items down the toilet. This can block the drain and prevent the pipes from flowing as they should.

It is easy to forget that wet wipes, nappies and cotton buds could end up being responsible for flooding incident which are stressful and challenging, especially when you have your baby to think about.

Therefore, it is necessary to dispose of these items correctly so you don’t become one of the thousands of people, whose homes are flooded due to blockages every year, and require a call out by drainage maintenance experts.

As well as the bathroom, potential problems can also occur in the kitchen, with many people taking the easy option and decide to pour grease, oil and fats into the sink. Over time this can build up into a bigger issue for the smooth flow of drainage.

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