How Does Drain Mapping Help with Drain Issues?

It’s all about knowledge. It’s about getting the full picture in advance of taking any action. It’s also about exploration and explanation. Drain mapping is vital in uncovering what is otherwise hidden and in allowing for the accurate anticipation of what to expect when commencing any work with a likely impact on the drainage and sewer network.

The historical development of cartography stretches back in time from the Ancient Near East and Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Medieval Mappa Mundi, through eras of exploration and expansion, right up to the present day, where the application of modern technology aids in the production of accurate cartographical material.

Well drain mapping might seem a little unglamorous and less significant in this context, but it’s about the same need to explore and know about an area in order to be able to get the best from it, including being forewarned of any difficult or challenging terrain.

Drain mapping is crucial when it comes to preparing for major refurbishments or building work that may be close by, or even on top of, sewer and drainage networks. Existing plans may be out of date, unclear or untraceable. Using CCTV survey data, drain mapping can bring a high degree of clarity to a situation and a level of technical accuracy that’s essential as part of any planning process.

So consider drain mapping as a branch of cartography, serving a similar desire to map accurately and in so doing, impose a sense of order. It’s an aid to progress and a vital tool in strategic preparation for development work.

We offer a full drain mapping service, incorporating schematic plans, a DVD of CCTV survey footage and comprehensive written records of what we’ve discovered, including manhole locations, water flow direction and the various connections in the drainage network.

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