Drain Lining And Repairs

Drainage Consultants will provide reliable and capable assistance whenever you need drain lining or drainage repairs.

A damaged drain can occur unexpectedly and can cost you tens of thousands of pounds in repair and cleanup costs. It is difficult to avoid this problem and the damage will often worsen.

Act now to prevent a total drain collapse

  • Movement of the ground and traffic will intensify any cracks or fractures.
  • Water ingress through displaced and open joints can cause complete failure of the drain.

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As drainage specialists, we're able to use a variety of techniques to save you time and money - often without need for pipe replacement and ground excavation. Our non-intrusive drain relining services will save you from the expensive costs that would result if the area has to be dug up. It's perfect for restoring the condition of pipes of all sizes.

Why Drain Relining?

Our no-dig repair technology fixes a drain by installing a patch lining and chemical grouting which bonds to the inside.

  • The drain's health is restored without the need of costly excavation for the affected area.
  • The fasted method. Repairs can often be completed the same day.
  • Perfect for non structural repairs.
  • Works most effectively with drains of 100-600mm diameter, up 500 metres in length.
  • Ideal for High Density Polyethylene, PVC, PVCu, Clay, Concrete and many other pipe materials.
  • Prevents future issues such as roots in drains and wear and tear.
  • All work is guaranteed and complies with EU/UK standards. You will often find that your flow rate is improved.

Choose Drainage Consultants Ltd

Repairs of all sizes!

From small cracks and holes to extensive levels of damage. We will repair the damage and restore the health of your drains quickly and professionally.

Cost effective repair

We use cutting edge technology to repair the damage and minimise the disruption to your business. We will do a full assessment and let you know our recommendations.

Fully Qualified Staff

We are able to undertake all aspects of drainage for residential and commercial contracts. Our engineers are fully trained to ensure the highest levels of efficiency.

Our Process

We understand that time is money therefore our services are carried out with minimal disruption. We operate nationwide so can be with you quickly.

  1. Our engineers will always carry out an initial assessment and give the client a detailed plan of action. Our drainage engineers will perform a CCTV survey using the advanced Crusade DCC 7000 and TRK 065 Crawler Unit to find the source and extent of your issues, as well as any other details. This allows us to quickly locate cracks, leaks and open joints.
  2. After approval is given, we utilise intense drain jetting to ensure that the pipework is clear before work is carried.
  3. We use a range of high strength resins which will often be even stronger than the pipe they are lining. In most cases we will be able to install and cure the drain in one day, however curing time can be extended due to the type of resin used and the ambient temperature at the time of installation.

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Unlike many contractors, we are proficient in all aspects of repair. Should a more extensive level of damage be discovered, we will be able to replace the pipe using traditional excavation methods or repair it using advanced soft lining techniques where we fill the liner with polyester resin and insert in to the drain. This effectively moulds a new pipe into your existing one and is suitable for even sewers or places where aggressive chemicals/high temperatures are present.

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Our support staff are available to assist you anytime. Phone or contact us online and we will turn up within 24 hours for an initial survey performed by a fully accredited engineer.

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