Dissolve Hair From The Drain

unblock remove and dissolve hair from your drains

How to dissolve hair from the drain

As a result of the hair-washing and shaving rituals we put our bathrooms through, it’s little surprise that our drains often become clogged up with hair. This is made worse by the fact that hair creates a mesh that, over time, collects the soap, toothpaste and general dirt we wash down the drain. Before you know it, water begins to trickle through at an excruciatingly slow rate.

Unblocking a hair-clogged drain is not the most pleasant of tasks, but it’s not usually a particularly difficult one either – especially if you have the following items at hand:

  • A wire coat hanger
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Duct tape
  • Boiling water

Once you have these, complete the following:

Step one

If possible, pull the drain cover out of the bath or sink before bending the hanger into an elongated hook.

Step two

Slide your newly-made hook down the drain and pull up as much hair as you can. Be sure to twist and turn the hook around.

Step three

Pour the baking soda down the drain, followed by the vinegar. A sensible amount would be half a cup of baking soda and a full cup of vinegar. This causes a chemical reaction that should dissolve what’s left of the hair.

Step four

Seal the drain with duct tape and let the chemicals do their work for 20 minutes or so.

Step five

Tip half a dozen cups of boiling water down the drain to flush out the concoction and any stubborn hair yet to be dissolved.

Instead of vinegar and baking soda, it is possible to buy sink unblocking fluids, but not all of these will be too kind to your pipes. If all else fails, ask a plumber or drainage expert to take a closer look at your drains.

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