What are the Causes and Signs of a Collapsed Drain?

We use drain tracing to investigate and diagnose some drainage problems, particularly if access is going to be a problem and we need to avoid disruption to essential pipework or utilities. Often we encounter damage because the drain has collapsed.

What are the main causes of collapsed drains? This can occur due to changes over time rather than a single, catastrophic event. Ground movement can lead to pipes misaligning and eventually breaking. Drains on properties may be closer to the surface than main public sewers, which makes them more susceptible to the effects of surface shifts or instability in the ground.

Another cause of collapsed drains are tree roots. In these situations the roots enter the drain system through pipe joints, or through cracks in the drain that have appeared over a long period of time. The problem is that the condensation on pipes, or even leaking moisture, attracts tree roots. They can also find their way to drainpipes via excavation trenches originally dug to lay pipework in the first place. Properties located near to trees, or with trees inside their boundary, are more susceptible to this kind of damage.

What are the signs that you might have a collapsed drain? You might see ground depressions or unexpected and inexplicable damp patches on your driveway or in your garden. You may not notice anything different in how your water drains away because the fault is further along from your house. However, a collapsed drain unattended can have serious consequences.

Water leaking from a damaged drain washes away the surrounding soil, which can then undermine building foundations. Subsidence is a serious problem, which can cost a lot in money, time and effort to put right.

Sonar drain tracing is a key technique in spotting and analysing drain damage. We use professional drain tracing equipment to give us a clear picture of your drain network and any faults or deterioration. We can then use this
to fix issues or take preventative action to ensure you don’t suffer from a collapsed drain.

If you have any doubts or concerns over your drains, don’t hesitate and call Drainage Consultants today.

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