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Localised Patch Lining

localisedpatchliningThere are a large number of things that can cause damage to a draining system. Root ingress, as well as water infiltration and the movement of traffic – and even the ground – can lead to open joints and cracks, both of which are likely to get worse as time passes.

Once cracks begin to appear in the pipe, water and moisture can become an issue. This can be extremely damaging to the drainage system. If the surrounding soil which supports the pipe starts to wash away, the whole system can be compromised.

In the past, the only solution to these common issues was to excavate – something which takes time, money and a whole lot of effort. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Here at Drainage Consultants, we’re able to locate the problem and fix it with minimal disruption. How do we do this? With lining, of course.

Patch lining

localisedpatchlining1Drain lining has been used as a repair technique for a number of years now, but in the past, it was more commonly associated with the renovation of larger spaces, such as sewers. As technology and equipment has progressed, however, it has become a more suitable option for the repairing of smaller pipes.

localisedpatchlining2By lining the inside of a pipe, the hassle and expense of replacement can be avoided. While the whole pipe is often lined to solve multiple issues, this isn’t always necessary. We can use patch liners to increase the support around specific problem areas as soon as they appear – removing the risk of the situation getting worse or even re-occurring years down the line.

Localised patch lining is becoming increasingly popular as a way to deal with isolated defects. It offers an inexpensive alternative to having the whole pipe lined or even excavated.

Here at Drainage Consultants, we have a wealth of experience and use the latest equipment to ensure a convenient, trouble-free repair service when it comes to patch lining.