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Fat Removal & Drain Cleansing

Diverse industries put different amounts of strain upon their drains. Our experience shows that some operations generate much more waste than others. For example, a factory that produces large quantities of meat will potentially have more of an issue with grease than the average retirement home. This means that a stricter drain cleaning regime may be required in the case of the factory. Nevertheless, we believe that the majority of businesses should take drain maintenance much more seriously than they currently do.

Why thick liquids require special attention

Most people realise that solid waste should be disposed of safely so it does not block a drain. However, small pieces of solid waste generally do get through from time to time. This may not always become an issue, but we think all enterprises should take precautions. Unfortunately, some organisations are lax in relation to the disposal of thick liquids. Such lack of forethought frequently results in the blockage of a drain. We know how disruptive this can be to work processes.

Specific measures for thick liquids

In our view, it is essential to stop thick liquids causing trouble. It is possible to use various products. If an outfit is in the food sector, its management may find it worthwhile to purchase a heavy duty cleaning product. In our experience, we know that off the shelf products alone are often not enough – and specialists must be called in.

Drain cleansing and after

If a drain does become blocked with fat or another thick liquid, our specialists at Drainage Consultants can sort it out. Fat reduction is not hard for us to perform because we have the necessary solutions to hand. If you require emergency drain cleansing, do not hesitate to contact us. Once we have dealt with the issue, we can discuss how best to prevent a recurrence of the problem in the future.