Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind? Be Sure Of Your Drains With A Drain Survey

If you can’t see a problem should you ignore it? It’s not always the case that your drains are going to reveal what sort of condition they’re actually in. Problems with drains and drainage may not present themselves so obviously, which is why the drain survey is so important.

There are two sides to this. One is diagnostic, where a drain survey will pinpoint the areas of your drainage system that are causing you problems. The other is knowledge-gathering. This is when a drain survey can help fulfil certain requirements regarding selling or buying a property.

What will a drain survey reveal? The survey will show what conditions the drains are in, including any long-term structural damages, mis-connections or blockages. The mapping of the system will show where manholes and inspection chambers are. The survey will clarify areas of drainage ownership – where the property owner’s responsibilities begin and end.

This kind of information is crucial, not only for homebuyers, but also for banks, mortgage lenders and insurance companies. Basically, the drain survey provides the right kind of information for a large number of interested parties. This may include the utility companies themselves, if certain structural weaknesses are revealed in areas of the system under their control.

Drain surveys normally stay valid for five years, so it’s also worth checking the last time you had one, because the condition of drains can change with the effects of new building work and general wear and tear.

It comes down to you making an active choice to be clear about your drains and what sort of condition they’re in. Modern drain surveys are minimally disruptive and cost effective. What you spend on a drain survey now may well save you money, and heartache, in the long run.

You don’t have to take needless risks on what you can’t easily see. Contact Drainage Consultants today and see how a professional drain survey could benefit you.

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