Yorkshire Water invests in sewer network upgrade

The recent sewer upgrade work which has just begun in Hessle, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, is just part of a larger investment to be spread across the region.

While £770,000 has been put aside for the town, the water company is to devote £120 million to making sure that treatment facilities and the sewer network are up to standard.

Those homeowners that may have suffered from sewer flooding in the past will be the main beneficiaries of these works as the investment will reduce the risk for hundreds of homes throughout Yorkshire.

When storm conditions are prevalent, there is a greater risk that the sewer system will not be able to cope and so flooding was often the unfortunate result of this.

Yorkshire Water has made sure that locals are aware of what is being planned for their area and how they can stand to benefit from these works.

Yorkshire Water project manager, Dominic Cunney, said:

“We believe, like our customers, that sewer flooding is unacceptable. And whilst we can’t tackle the problem by ourselves, this latest investment underlines our continuing commitment to playing our part in helping to reduce the risk of sewer flooding to our customers and operating as a responsible company dedicated to providing customers with the best possible service.”

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