Will a CCTV Drain Survey Discover the Cause of Persistent Clogging?

For many of us, dealing with temporary blockages to our drains is something we’re happy to take care of ourselves, from using a plunger to unscrewing the p-trap to clear out anything that’s settled and causing an obstruction. And we’re all familiar with commercially available drain unblocking products, the sort you pour down the sink and leave to do the unclogging for you.

But unfortunately there are going to be times when our efforts won’t be enough, when whatever it is that’s blocking the drains is persistent, hard to detect, and clearly isn’t going anywhere. Often the causes of a persistent blockage are the standard kinds of things, such as oil and fat clogging up the drains from the kitchen sink, or the wrong sort of stuff being flushed down the toilet. But the only way to uncover what’s really going on down there is with a CCTV drain survey.

The advantage of having a CCTV drain survey is that however murky, unpleasant and inaccessible your blocked drains appear to be, this technology will be able to expose the detail and help with a proper diagnosis of the problem.

You may baulk at the idea of commissioning a professional drain survey for what might appear to be a standard property issues, but it’s a real asset when it comes to dealing with persistent drain clogging. The CCTV drain survey is a very cost-effective way of finding out the root causes of drainage problems that can save you a lot of money and heartache in the long-term.

We use precision tools to locate defective areas and problems, employing sonar drain tracing and CCTV cameras that can access a range of different pipes. Once our engineers have completed the survey they will supply you with a full report and accompanying DVD of the CCTV footage. From this they will be able to come up with a personal plan for you in order to fix your drainage problems.

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