Why water companies are so active in drain campaigns

Water companies such as United Utilities in the North West are very determined in educating those living in their area to understand more about what happens when items are disposed of in the wrong way.

This is certainly understandable when you consider that United Utilities is expected to cope with a minimum of 40,000 blockages in the sewerage system during 2012.

The latest Consumer Council for Water statistics show that around half of all sewer flooding cases and three quarters of sewer blockages are due to the fact that householders put unsuitable items down the sink or toilet.

One campaign which has been well-received by the public is the What Not To Flush campaign devised by United Utilities. This scheme was created to encourage their customers to be more considerate of their drain pipes, by avoiding doing the things that often lead to blockages in the system.

In this day and age with many convenient products entering the marketplace, it is easy to get complacent over what should and shouldn’t be allowed to enter the sewerage system. These flushable items are not what this term would suggest and so can cause problems with the flow of wastewater down there.

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