Who is actually responsible for the drains in our area?

Despite the government enforcing changes to the ownership of drains in this country back in October 2011, many people are still unsure as to where the responsibility lies when a drainage issue rears its head.

In this article, we will be looking briefly at this issue to hopefully clarify a few things so that should you ever have a need to call out a specialist drainage contractor you understand where you stand from the outset.

Before the new rules were introduced, homeowners had to take responsibility for the drainage of wastewater from their property until it entered the sewerage system. This may have even involved pipes which were outside the boundary of your home.

However, since the end of last year, all private sewers and lateral drains are now included as part of the public network of sewers. Therefore, if any of the drains within your property boundaries are used to service any other property, it is up to the regional water company to deal with it now instead. In addition to this, once the drain has left your land it is not your responsibility either.

In practice, this means that the water company will have a lot more drainage which comes within their remit and so only the drains solely used by your home need to be maintained at your own cost.

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