What happens when an engineer comes round to check out a blockage

It is not uncommon for a home or business owner to find their property’s drainage pipes blocked from time to time. This is especially more of a frequent experience in a big city like London or Manchester where there is a lot of strain put on the sewerage system.

So should you ever spot a blockage in your building, or indeed within the boundaries of your property, it is always best to turn to a specialist drainage contractor for help with the issue. You may be wondering exactly how they would usually approach this kind of situation.

The following stages are what an engineer might consider when arranging to come round to your property to assess the extent of the blockage and carry out any potential drainage maintenance work.

When the engineer arrives they will normally have a look at where the blockage actually is within the pipework. They will investigate the problem and then be able to clear it for you. If the blockage requires further drain inspection work to be done, CCTV surveys may be necessary.

Whatever happens, you can be sure that the drainage technician will arrive promptly and keep you updated with what is required to sort the problem, by making sure it is cleared effectively and with the minimum amount of disruption to your daily life.

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