What a CCTV drain survey is able to show

When you enlist the services of a professional drainage contractor, they will have access to some of the very latest technology – including the ability to carry out CCTV drain surveys.

A survey such as this is able to provide detailed drain inspection. This means that whether the pipe or drain system is above or below ground (where it is not readily accessible for engineering repair work), the camera equipment will survey the scene, allowing the teams to find and identify any areas posing a problem.

This professional service utilises equipment which can scan bore pipes of varying sizes and examine exactly what is going on in there. Technology such as this is able to get to the root of the problem fast, thus saving a fair amount of money, not to mention effort too.

Once the site inspection work has been completed by the CCTV cameras used in the survey, the results will be displayed in the form of a report which is given to customers, along with full colour images showing them the precise conditions of the drains. The summary outlines any repair works which are recommended.

If given the go ahead, the drainage engineers will then get to work on repairing the pipes and lining them so the issue does not return again anytime soon.

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