Wessex Water highlights the problems of sewer blockages at Christmas

While most of us will be enjoying our Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, the countries water companies will be counting the cost of the problems associated – namely blocked sewers.

Wessex Water is one company that is making a point of trying to inform customers what to do with the fat from their Christmas dinner, instead of flushing it down the plughole. Over 40 sewers every week are blocked by grease, oil and fat in the regions served by Wessex Water, which include Dorset, Bath, Wiltshire and Somerset. And the cost to repair the blockages caused by the incorrect disposal of these fats can often fall to the homeowner if the drain is privately owned.

Wessex Water supply sewerage services to 2.6 million people and have to unblock 18 blocked sewers every day in the West region.

Nick Stone, the head of Wessex Water waste treatment stated:

“Blockages seriously affect the performance of sewers designed to remove waste water from homes and businesses, and can result in flooding inside properties causing extensive damage or external flooding that could lead to pollution of watercourses.

“Our advice is to never pour fat, oil or grease down the sink, but instead, carefully dispose of it with your household rubbish.

“Hot fats, which cool quickly and solidify in drains and sewers, along with other disposable items, cause three-quarters of blockages in sewers.

“This is a particular problem at Christmas, when it is estimated that 25 per cent more fat ends up in drains and sewers,”

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