Water company identifies problem area for blocked drains

Thames Water has revealed that it has launched a scheme costing £4 million to tackle one of its worst areas for blocked drains.

Harrow in northwest London is the area in question after the water company named it along with East Ham and Leyton as being worse for sewer blockages that anywhere else in the capital.

Since the change in law came about at the start of this month, responsibility for the problems with the sewer system in this part of the city fell to Thames Water and they are determined to do something about it.

Many households which pour sanitary towels, wet wipes and fat down the drains in the borough are said to be adding to the situation.

CCTV surveys will identify the blackspots within its added sewer remit which will require work being carried out on the drain pipes.

The company aims to have surveyed the entire 450km of sewers within the problem areas by March of next year. Once the surveys have assessed the condition of the pipes, they will be cleaned using specialised drain jetting and vacuuming techniques.

This is just one example of how things are changing for water companies and how they will have to further rely on drainage contractors to fulfil their obligations.

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