Water company gets sewer upgrade project underway

Yorkshire Water has recently begun major works on sewer systems that will reduce the risk of flooding in Shipley West Yorkshire. This £600,000 upgrade project is being carried out in partnership with engineers Mott MacDonald Bentley.

The engineers are to improve the sewerage systems by installing a huge underground storage tank which has the capacity to hold up to 650,000 litres of wastewater at any time.

This work was given to go ahead in a bid to alleviate the risk of flooding to local residential properties in the Yorkshire town, which is not far from Bradford. Storm water will be collected in the tank during wet weather before being released into the sewer network.

Yorkshire Water has been looking at projects which are worthy of its £120million investment budget and these works to improve the sewer and treatment facilities will ensure that heavy rainfall is not able to cause the level of damage experienced in the past.

The upgrade, located off Bradford Road, was deemed to be necessary, especially with an increase in housing development throughout the region which has meant existing storage was at capacity levels.

Project manager at Yorkshire Water, Dominic Cunney, said:

“This work is being carried out to improve our sewerage system in the area and ensure its best placed to meet the growing demands it comes under, particularly during periods of exceptionally heavy rainfall.”

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