United Utilities consent to waste agreement

After a Prescot business was fined for discharging trade effluent into the public sewer system, United Utilities has sent a reminder to companies based in Liverpool to ask them to be mindful of their waste disposal actions.

At a recent hearing at Knowsley Magistrates’ Court, a local chemical company was fined £2,500 and just under £10,000 in costs after they were found guilty on five counts of discharging trade effluent containing toxic metals and chloroform into the public sewer system.

Companies that produce effluent as part of their manufacturing processes have to keep to agreed limits with regard to the amount of waste they discharge and have to apply for a special consent to discharge before they can dispose of the waste.

The Waste Water Operations Technical Manager for United Utilities, Craig Waddell, stated:

“Limits on trade effluent are there to protect the environment and the general public and prevent problems such as sewer blockages.

“It’s vitally important that companies follow the rules.

“Toxic metals and chloroform can be especially difficult to treat in high concentrations.

“We would like to remind companies that it is a criminal offence to discharge trade effluent into the public sewer without consent or in breach of consent conditions.”

There are currently 3,500 discharge to waste consent agreements in place in the North West and United Utilities hopes this court action will serve as a pertinent reminder to those companies that hold them.

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