Top drainage tips for the bathroom

As we have been explaining, when it comes to the drains in a house, there are only certain things that should pass through this system. While everything else apart from used water should be disposed of in other ways, apart from the sink, when it comes to the toilet similar rules apply.

Human waste, toilet paper and water are allowed to be flushed down the toilet, but nothing else. This is because these pipes are not made to carry any other materials or substances.

The following products should not be disposed of through a toilet:

Cotton wool and wipes

These need to go in the bin along with cotton buds and floss.

Sanitary items

These products should be placed in a bag to be put in the bin.

The main point you need to remember is that the bin should be used for all waste which is considered unsuitable for flushing down the toilet. You can keep a bin by the toilet so that this makes things a lot easier for people.

Recycling should be considered, where possible, with bins used as an alternative. This means that the water in the drainage system can keep flowing, with less chance of it requiring drainage maintenance in the near future.

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