The sewer system and how to ensure it is used properly

The sewerage system is more than just the water and waste flushed down the toilet as it includes water from the sink and rainwater from footpaths and roads too. This water has been collected from a wide range of sources and contains a variety of waste products.

In order for the sewers to flow as they should, it is crucial that it only contains substances which need to be there. However, many of us are guilty of using sewers to dispose of all kinds of unwanted liquids and solids, either unwittingly or knowingly.

When items not suitable for the sewers build up, this can result in blockages and flooding, while problems may be experienced at the sewage treatment works too.

Therefore, you shouldn’t ever flush plastics, rubber, packaging and other types of rubbish which is non-biodegradable down the toilet. The same can be said for pouring fat and used oil down the sink and into the drains as once the substance hardens it can cause all kinds of obstructions.

Drainage maintenance is often unavoidable, but when it is necessary due to the circumstances above, with just a bit of care and consideration, you could have saved on any expensive repair costs and help to reduce the strain put on the sewerage system.

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