The most common reasons for flooding within the home

As you may be aware, blocked pipes are the main cause of flooding inside the home. However, these pipes usually get damaged and clogged because of things homeowners do. Here are some of the main problems which can lead to a blocked pipe and flooding incidents.

As well as rainfall and general wear and tear, pipes can cause flooding due to the fact that many people put inappropriate items down the sink or flush them down the toilet.

This includes washing away things like fat, grease and oils down the drain rather than coming up with a better way of disposal. There are a number of ways you could get rid of these substances. One of these is to pour the liquid into a carton which is to be thrown away anyway, so if it does solidify, it will pose no threat to your pipes.

Parents with babies and small children sometimes put nappies down into the sewers as well. Again, this is another cause of flooding as these items are not meant to be disposed of in this particular way.

If you do put these kinds of things down the drain then it could prove costly in the long run. The build-up could eventually cause flooding and the pipes may need to be replaced by drainage maintenance experts. So think before you get rid of everyday items down the drains.

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