The importance of bagging and binning your household waste

Waste management within a home is something that needs to be approached with a responsible attitude. Although it might seem obvious to some people, problems can occur when disposable and personal products are flushed down the toilet.

More than two-thirds of blockages within the sewers are caused by synthetic materials which have been disposed of in this way, so it is no wonder that utility companies and drainage contractors are concerned with this growing issue.

These problems with the sewerage system can lead to waste water flowing in to homes as well as affecting the environment by polluting rivers.

The national ‘Bag It and Bin It’ group was set up to tackle this concern and protect Britain’s coastlines and riverbanks from being littered by sewage-related debris. Blocked pipes and the flooding of properties can also be the result of items disposed of in an inappropriate way.

To get rid of something in the best way it is necessary to consider the type of waste. If in doubt, it is more responsible to bag it and put it in the bin for collection, or even take to the local tip yourself.

This can help to reduce the harmful effects that doing such things like pouring oils, fats and greases down the sink does to the drains and sewers. Otherwise drainage maintenance may prove to be a costly solution.

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