Thames Water to rectify sewerage situation

Following a sewage leak which affected the River Crane recently when a sluice gate became jammed, the water company responsible for drainage Thames Water vowed to ‘put things right’ so the same thing never happens again.

Tonnes of sewerage waste inadvertently had to be left to enter the river when a gate on one of the main systems serving Heathrow Airport jammed shut.

This left Thames Water with no other option available as major problems would have been experienced at the airport. A proportion of the wastewater was successfully pumped into tankers to be treated, but this was not a solution that could be employed for the majority of the sewage.

Chief executive of the water company, Martin Baggs, said:

“We deeply regret this incident and we are committed to put things right over the long term.

“We will start that process by meeting this week with representatives from FORCE (Friend of the River Crane Environment), London Wildlife Trust, local anglers and the Environment Agency, so we can fully understand the extent of the damage, and what needs to be done to repair it.”

Custom-made lifting equipment was eventually deployed by drainage maintenance engineers to open the gate again.

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