Thames Water faces up to added responsibilities

In just one example of how the recent law changes are affecting the drainage maintenance responsibilities of water companies up and down the country, Thames Water has pledged to address the problem areas in the capital.

With the increase in sewer network for the organisation coming from sewers that are outside property boundaries and shared systems, which previously were the responsibility of homeowners, Thames Water has revealed details of a £4 million investment in Harrow, Leyton and East Ham.

The issues with blocked drains in London have been put partly down to the actions of homeowners who do not think about what they are putting into the drainage system.

Asset management director for Thames Water, Bob Collington, said:

“Our sewer network is increasing 60 per cent overnight and the added workload that will bring draws into sharp focus the need to combat what we call ‘sewer abuse’ – putting anything other than human waste and loo roll down drains.

“Sewer flooding is truly miserable and we’re committed to doing everything we can to prevent it.

“And after yesterday’s change we have a lot more sewers to keep an eye on, which makes us all the more keen to reiterate our anti-sewer abuse message ‘Bin it – don’t block it’ – particularly to people in Leyton, Harrow and East Ham.”

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