What Technology Does for Drain Detective Work

Before the modern drain survey, tackling drainage problems involved more digging around and excavation before any problems could be even begun to be dealt with. Now using CCTV cameras, a drain survey can uncover valuable information about otherwise hidden conditions.

How to Find Drain Faults

The outward symptoms of problem drains are often easy to spot – from sluggish drainage to blocked toilets and bad smells – but with many problems, getting to the real reason why they occur is the key to prevent them happening again.

Pinpointing problem areas and deterioration means your drainage specialists can then address the underlying issues as well as solve immediate crises.

This is the value of the CCTV drain survey. Sending a camera down your drainage network means making visible otherwise hidden issues. The cameras we use for our drain surveys are remote-controlled, and versatile – they need to be so that they can penetrate even more complex drainage systems and record images.

We send the cameras in and we can immediately see what they are picking up on our screens above ground.


Things We See

The camera never lies, as the saying goes. What the CCTV drain survey does is discover details we would otherwise not be aware of. These could be problem areas where drains connect, or difficult-to-reach parts of the network.

It’s unfortunate that drains are a favourite spot for rats, but the good news is that a drain survey will reveal whether rats are using the drains as an access point.

Drains can collapse over time, and this can happen in ways which don’t immediately affect you, allowing water to seep into the ground unnoticed. The long-term effects can be serious, undermining a building’s foundations with subsidence.

Again, the drain survey will expose this.

Once we’ve detected problems and faults we can then recommend a course of action to fix them. And as part of our full report, we’ll give you your own DVD of the footage we’ve taken as part of the survey, so you can see exactly what it is we’re talking about.

Drain surveys offer clarity, and they’re a very cost-effective means of detecting drain faults, so that when we need to carry out remedial work, we’re not wasting time and resources getting to the bottom of the problem.

We can help with any drainage issues you have. Contact Drainage Consultants today and let us find what’s causing your problem drains.

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