Suitable repairs to a drainage system

There are a number of reasons why drains may be cracked and damaged, with joints at risk of opening up. These include such things as water infiltration, vehicular traffic, root ingress or ground movement.

In order to find a solution to the issue, you may not necessarily need to excavate the area around the drain, but this will be determined by the drain inspection.

The defective area in the pipe will need to be repaired, if not replaced, and so the following structural and non-structural techniques are now available to carry out any of these repairs.

Patch lining and chemical grouting are non-structural repair techniques to seal the area of water ingress, which, when left to continue, could severely damage a drainage system.

For more extensive problems, and more widespread defects, structural repairs like soft lining is used. In extreme cases the pipe may have to be replaced, but this method of installation is an excellent option to consider instead of the need for traditional excavation work.

You can be sure that these modern methods are both quick and efficient, not to mention being very cost effective too. So for the minimum amount of disruption, get in touch with a reliable drainage contractor today.

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