Southern Water invests in Dover flood reduction scheme

It has been revealed this week that the water and sewerage company Southern Water has agreed to put £1.3 million towards a reduction in the risk of flooding in some areas of Dover.

The investment means that the company will be making improvements to the sewer network in various locations to ensure that pipes are not overloaded during stormy weather.

These drainage maintenance works have now already begun in the region and will carry on until late December. During this time, an underground pumping station, plus some new manholes and sewers will be built, while other sewers will be improved.

Contractors 4Delivery, which is a consortium made up of Costain, MWH and Veolia Water, are implementing this scheme from their Crabble Hill base. They will be working with Southern Water and residents to ensure the work goes as smoothly and with as little disruption as possible.

Project manager for Southern Water, Gary Sayers, said:

“This scheme will bring benefits to various parts of Dover, not just the areas we’ll be working in. Construction like this can inevitably cause disruption but we will do all we can to keep this to a minimum and to finish the work on time.”

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