How Sonar Helps Us in the Process of Drainage Work

Sorting out a drain problem is a process, because issues around damaged and blocked drains can be complex, especially as much of what goes on is normally unseen. One part of this process involves conducting a drain survey using CCTV.

This tells us a certain amount about a drainage network. The next thing we must do is get a more detailed picture of the functioning state of the drains. This is where we can use sonar drain tracing.

Precise Knowledge    

Using sonar is all about getting a very clear picture about what we’re dealing with. Essentially, we build a picture from sound; from the pings of the sonar transmitted back to us telling us precise distances and allowing us to understand exactly what the drainage layout is.

Preparing for work on drains requires gathering as much detailed knowledge in advance as possible. Guesswork is not enough, because once we start excavating, we don’t want to encounter any unwelcome surprises.

The precise knowledge drain tracing gives us means we can work more efficiently and effectively, because we are much less likely to have to modify our own plans because of what we discover once we start work.

Where there are plans available of drainage networks, these can frequently prove to be out of date – drains get built over, networks get added to, details get omitted or missed. Drain tracing means we can build our own detailed information about drainage networks, and we can ensure that this means any existing plans can be properly updated.


When Not to Dig        

Repairing drains does require digging, and it can be disruptive. But it is considerably less disruptive if the digging is limited to the work required to fix the problem, rather than to discover where, and what, the problem is in the first place.

Ultimately, drain tracing can take away some of the pain of drainage work, and it helps ensure that we are fully prepared for whatever measures we then take to fix your drains.

To find out more about how we can use our modern drainage detection techniques to help you, please contact Drainage Consultants Ltd.

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