Solve root intrusion in your drainage system

Drain blockages can be caused by many different things. But one of the most common reasons for blocked drains is root intrusion into the pipe. Roots from surrounding trees and plants can find their way into the drainage system near your home and can not only block the waste pipe network; but also cause serious damage to the structure of the pipe itself. A drain maintenance company will be able to perform a CCTV survey on your drainage system to determine if this is the case and will then suggest a suitable remedy.

If you have a drain blockage that is caused by root intrusion, a professional drain maintenance company can remedy the problem by inserting a rotating cutting device powered by a high pressure jet of water into the pipe to remove the roots and restore the pipe back to its full waste carrying capacity. The roots commonly find their way into the system through the joints between the different sections of pipe. However, depending on the results of the CCTV survey, the pipe may also need a liner repair or replacing completely.

Root infiltration can cause untold havoc to the homeowner, so drains should be checked on a regular basis by a drain maintenance company to check for potential problems.

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