Simple drain clearing steps

Drainage issues are normally simple to solve if you have the right equipment and the knowhow. However, if you have noticed that your sink is draining slower than usual or the water in your toilet takes longer to be taken away when you flush, it could be indicative of a problem worsening and prompt action needing to be taken.

Most drainage problems won’t go away by themselves and will need to be fixed so that the problem does not escalate into a flood situation.

If you have a blocked sink or toilet, there are a few things you can try before calling the drainage engineers. They include:

  • Putting piping hot water into the sink or toilet can break up the blockage
  • Using a plunger can shift the blockage by creating a vacuum
  • You can hire drain rods from hire shops that can be inserted into the drain to shift the clog
  • Powerful drain cleaners can be bought from DIY stores which can break up the blockage

If all else fails you may need to call a drainage contractor who will be able to jet the drain with a high pressure jet of water to move the blockage. They will also be able to conduct a CCTV survey on the drainage system to diagnose any issues that may cause the problem to reoccur.

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