How Does Sewerage Risk Management Involve You?

What goes down your drains as waste is not something you probably want to spend much, or any, time thinking about. But disposing of waste is a fact of modern life, and even though it seems distant from how we live, it is important how we manage it.
All new properties, and some refurbished or rebuilt ones, will require a public sewer connection.

An Integrated Approach
The UK water industry has an integrated approach to sewer system performance, which means being aware at all times of how individual elements interact with one another.
The relationship of a sewer system with its surrounding environment, and how the two interact, is vital, as is its relationship with the local wastewater treatment centre.

The sewer system must be serviceable and provide a cost-effective service, and work effectively with integrated urban drainage systems.
Risk management of sewer systems is complex because of the numerous interactions the system has with waste, and with receiving water bodies such as rivers.
Water and sewerage companies (WASCs) across the UK have the duty to provide and extend the system of public sewers, while cleaning and effectively maintaining them. They are also responsible for emptying sewers and treating the waste that comes out of them.
Sewer system performance is, therefore, complex, crucial and sensitive. This is why there is a set procedure for connecting to the public sewer.

Public Sewer Connections
You can only connect foul water from a property to a public sewer if you follow the application process. This means submitting a location plan and a site drainage plan, showing the point at which you want to connect.
This must accompany a completed application form, which will also include a fee. You will also need to include a planning decision notice, unless exempt.
Normally you would expect a qualified contractor to do this on your behalf, since the connection will require proof of the necessary training and of manhole locations, together with public liability insurance.
The good news is, that as specialists in public sewer connections, we can undertake this work for you.
We’ll deal with the application side, ensure you’re fully compliant, and complete the work on your behalf.

Public sewer connections are important, and controlled. Let us take care of the detail for you. Contact Drainage Consultants today, to arrange your connection.