Sewer repairs expected to cause delays for motorists in Belfast

Motorists in Belfast are being asked to be more patient than usual after a drainage contractor started work earlier this week on the repair of a sewer collapse on Donegal Road.

Work to repair the sewer should take approximately five weeks to complete and will primarily take place at the junction between Donegal Road and Shaftesbury Square.

Northern Ireland Water’s project sponsor, Keith Haslett, stated:

“NI Water’s engineers identified an urgent need to replace the sewerage network in the area.

“The work has to take place immediately to alleviate potential localised ‘out of sewer’ flooding.

“We are acutely aware this is an extremely busy junction and have done everything in our power to maintain traffic flows around the area, this includes plans to work seven days a week to complete the work as quickly as possible.”

The work in the city centre will mean that lane restrictions and temporary traffic lights will be in place. It’s hoped that because the drainage contractor will be working on the sewer repairs throughout the weekend, the repairs will be finished before the Christmas period.

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