Sewage causes problems for Pilling residents

Pilling residents are coming to terms with a flood caused by a collapsed sewer that saw raw sewage floating in their gardens,

The problems started last Saturday when heavy rain caused pavements around St John’s Avenue to flood and the sewer could not cope with the extra rainfall. United Utilities are looking at the problem and have found that a sewer on a nearby street collapsed causing the issue. They have sent waste tankers to pump the sewage from the area until a drain repair can be auctioned and are fitting a bypass sewer so the waste can be redirected until the main sewer can be repaired.

A spokesperson for United Utilities stated:

“We are sorry to people in Pilling that have experienced the flooding. There has been a collapsed sewer on School Lane.

“We are working hard to fix the problem. A temporary sewer pipe has been installed to act as a by-pass but the heavy rain has led to a lot of soil going in the pipe which is causing blockages.”

Teams of drainage experts used jet washers to remove the silt that was causing the issue with drainage engineers expected to action a complete repair of the pipe later in the week.

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