Sarah Beeny launches sewer awareness campaign

Property Ladder presenter Sarah Beeny is fronting a campaign which is targeted at homeowners who continue to put incorrect items into their drainage system.

The presenter and developer launched Yorkshire Water’s Doing the Dirty campaign last Friday and stood in a re-constructed kitchen and toilet, which was filled waste deep with the contents of an overflowing drainage system.

Ms Beeny hopes that the escapade will highlight the problems that blocked drains can have on homeowners.

Beeny stated:

“Whilst filming programmes I have come across problems caused by residents who have been happily pouring things like fat down their sink without realising the real problems that they could cause to their homes.

“This is why this campaign is so important. People need to realise that their toilets and sinks are not designed to take away this type of material. If they continue to dispose of things in this way they risk causing sometimes devastating damage to their property.”

Over a third of problems with blocked drains in the Yorkshire area were caused by people putting the wrong items into their drainage system.

The network production manager at Yorkshire Water, Fran Winter, stated:

“It is really important that customers understand the impact that disposing of things incorrectly down their toilet and sink can have on their homes. We know that it might seem like pouring even a small amount fat down the sink will not cause a problem, but a small amount every day could eventually lead to a big problem.

“Over time fat builds up in pipes to form what is best described as a block of lard – this fat then blocks pipes, meaning waste water cannot escape away down its usual route to the sewers and ends up coming back up through toilets and sinks leaving a devastating effect to your home.”

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