Root removal from a drainage system

It is not just damaged pipes and drainage systems that require specialists to tackle the problem. Root removal is another service offered by the drainage professionals which is needed when the pipe system becomes blocked or its structure damaged by roots from shrubs, hedges and trees.

Roots just seem to always find their way into drainage systems and this issue needs to be addressed before it escalates. Flailing equipment in conjunction with high pressure water jetting is the most common solution used to cut these troublesome roots from the blocked pipes.

As roots start to burrow into the ground looking for a supply of water, they do not care if the source is a surface water drain or whatever. Root ingress is a common issue for drainage maintenance companies to have to deal with.

This root ingress can be removed by using the techniques described above. It won’t take the operative long to get rid of the roots using spin jetting and once this is achieved, the next stage is to prevent any more damage occurring to the pipe.

As an effective no dig repair method, a liner can be installed to strengthen the pipework and ensure the roots do not find an easy way in again.

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