Road closed due to collapsed sewer in Waverton

A road in Waverton, Chester has had to be closed because of a sewer collapse.

Residents noticed there was a problem when the tarmac on the road began to sink leaving a crater in the road. The road in question, Moor Lane, was visited by the highways department who decided to close the road and put a diversion in place. The closure has caused problems for the local post office. Sharon Senior who owns the post office stated:

“We couldn’t believe it. On the Friday when the road was closed it was just dead, and it has been dead all week. We are really struggling now because people aren’t driving past and are just going elsewhere.

“Our business usually drops during the holidays, but this year it had been quite steady, but this is crippling us.”

The local council contacted a drain inspection engineer from United Utilities who was called to the site and quickly determined that a collapsed sewer was the cause of the problem.

A United Utilities spokesperson stated:

“We have established that work will need to be undertaken at two points on the road, one outside the post office and another further down the road. The work is expected to be completed in two weeks. We do obviously sympathise with the owners of the post office. We will do our upmost to get the work done as quickly as possible. It is expected to last two weeks.”

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