Ripponden residents ask Yorkshire Water to solve sewer problems

Residents on a street in Ripponden have complained to Yorkshire Water, after a series of floods caused by sewers overflowing at times of heavy rainfall left raw sewage in the road.

The residents of Mill Fold in the town have in the past seen human faeces and sanitary products in the street when manhole covers have been lifted by the rainfall. One resident, 45-year-old Bonnie Muscat-Baron said in the Evening Courier:

“When the rain is really heavy the manhole covers start to lift up and we can see water shooting out.

“It’s only when it’s stopped and the water has gone that you go out and there’s faeces all over the place, and toilet paper everywhere.”

Residents say that the sewer problems have been going on for around two years are due to new developments in the surrounding area putting extra pressure on the sewer network.

A spokesperson for Yorkshire Water stated:

“We’d like to apologise to local residents.

“We recognise that there have been a number of incidents where our sewer on Mill Fold has struggled to contain the huge volumes of waste water that enter it during times of heavy rainfall.

“We want to reassure local residents that we’re currently investigating the system we have in place and how we can make any necessary improvements in order to help resolve this problem.

“We thank residents for getting in contact with us when they spot any problems and would ask them to continue to do so in order that we can build up an accurate picture of any problems in the area.”

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