Residents have sewage taken away in tanker

Residents in Port Glasgow are currently having their sewage taken away in a tanker after a lump of concrete blocked a section of sewer near the A8.

Scottish Water is sending a tanker up to two times a day to pump sewage from flats whilst investigations and discussions take place with Amey, the road maintenance contractor. The Water company has known of the current problem since March, but residents say that they have faced issues for at least the last four years.

The concrete piece that is causing the problem is suited under a lamppost, which needs to be removed before sewer excavations can take place. A spokesperson for Scottish Water stated:

“Until we are able to do so, we will continue to use tankers to remove waste water to keep the system going and reduce the risk of the system backing up.”

Amey need to put traffic management systems in place on the A8 whilst work can be undertaken to remove the lamppost and then Scottish water can fix the blocked sewer. The two companies just need to overlap their schedules to make the repair happen. Until then residents will have to rely on the tanker to remove the sewage.

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