Renovation work complete on century old sewer in Salisbury

It has been reported recently that a 100-year-old sewerage system in the cathedral city of Salisbury in Wiltshire has now been repaired, thanks to a £200,000 renovation project.

Almost 500 metres of pipework was either replaced or relined due to damage in certain areas. A drain inspection managed to highlight the problem with the CCTV survey showing that it was a serious enough issue that needed to be addressed.

In fact, Wessex Water’s Alex Aulds revealed that if no action had been taken to rectify the situation, the sewers were at risk of collapsing or bursting in the near future.

While the drain engineers were at work, a number of traffic diversions and road closures had to be put in place as temporary measures.

Mr Aulds added that now the problem had been addressed, they did not foresee any further issues when he said:

“The sewers now have an expected longevity of 100 years and the work will ensure that any future risk of collapse or damage is significantly reduced.”

Trenchless technology was used to ensure the work could be completed within the specific timeframe, with these techniques meaning the road did not have to be dug up so the workers could gain access to the sewer.

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