Why Professionals Perform Public Sewer Connections

The public sewer carries wastewater, which is foul or surface water, away from properties and into the main sewerage system, maintained by your local utilities company. If your property requires connecting to this network through the public sewer, you must arrange for this to happen. Public sewer connections are the responsibility of individual property owners.

The connection work, however, can be done on your behalf by professionals

What Work Must You Do?

Specialist contractors carry out public sewer connections, ascertaining what kind of connection you will require. Your chosen contractor will carry out the work and methods can vary, depending on how your property sits in relation to the public sewer.

If the sewer runs beneath a road, or nearby land, you may require an extra section of pipe to make this connection – this is known as a lateral connection.

Contractors sometimes need to use a special Y-shaped junction called a saddle so that they can connect you to a curved section of sewer pipe.

To apply for a public sewer connection, you must first submit the details of your chosen contractor to the water authority, along with a location plan. You should expect your contractor to be able to help you do this, to make sure you have included the correct details.

You must then wait for an approval letter from the water authority before you can allow the work to commence.


What Happens Afterwards?

Before your chosen contractor completes the work, the water authority will inspect it, usually on the day of the connection.

Once approved, you will receive official paperwork confirming that the water authority has taken back control of the sewer after your public sewer connection.

This level of control and procedure is necessary to safeguard the integrity of the public sewer. All wastewater must be carried, treated and processed, and therefore any connection to the sewerage network must be made in such a way that it cannot damage it.

On the one hand, you have responsibility for your own connection; but on the other, the main public sewer is a much bigger responsibility, controlled by utilities companies and the water authority.

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