Now is the time to consider drainage maintenance within the home

As many of us are only too aware, as the dark nights start to draw in and autumn arrives the colder weather can lead to problems within the home. This is why it is always advisable to be prepared before winter sets in and you find all sorts of things start to go wrong.

One area which is quite easy to overlook but which could have expensive consequences for your house is drainage. This is because blocked drains, when left to build up, can soon lead to flooding and this means that your home will need to be cleaned up and the damaged items replaced.

It is not too difficult to perform basic maintenance of your drains in and around your home. Firstly, do not flush any unsuitable items down the toilet or pour fats and oils down the sinks as these can contribute to these drainage issues.

Go round the gutters surrounding your property and make sure they are not blocked by leaves and other debris as this can cause flooding.

During very cold weather conditions it is also common for pipes to freeze and so you may wish to keep your heating on low, even when you go out.

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