No dig repair techniques employed in drain repairs

While in some situations excavation is still unavoidable, there are now far more repair techniques available to contractors that do not require a road or street to be dug up in order for drain repairs to be carried out.

This means that the latest processes are time-saving and efficient so that the drain does not always have to be exposed so that the defective area can be accessed by engineers. Whether it is a non-structural or structural issue with the drain, the following techniques are commonly used to prevent the need for excavation.

Pipes can now be repaired and cracks or holes mended through the use of patch liners which seal the affected area. For non-structural work, this technique is widely used, along with patch grouting which can reduce the chances of the drain failing in the future.

When it comes to structural repairs, and a more widespread issue, soft lining is often used to repair the pipe damage. Excavation is sometimes required though, especially if the pipes do eventually need replacing.

These techniques are put to good use by the drainage contractor and where it is possible to prevent traditional dig repairs, liners can prove to be extremely cost-effective.

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