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How a Drain Survey Led the Fight Against Black Mould

Black mould looks bad, and it can contain fungi that cause health problems such as asthma and allergies. In some cases, black mould may produce toxins that cause reactions in people.

Mould it can appear as the result of water ingress from faulty drainage. When this is the case, a CCTV drain survey is key in discovering the source of the problem.


Damp Issues

Who do people call when they have issues with damp and mould? You might turn to a builder for recommendations about fitting a damp proof course. But if the cause of the damp is persistent leakage from faulty or broken drains, then this will not necessarily give you a long-term solution

Here’s a recent case from Drainage Solutions, all about damp. We’d been called to various properties next to one another because the landlord had numerous complaints from the tenants regarding damp issues.

This included tenants having to regularly scrape black mould off the walls. The smell of damp was also persistent in many of the properties, with tenants having to keep their windows open to alleviate the odour.


A Broken Gully and Drain Defects

We conducted a comprehensive drain surveys at the properties, and found a common fault affecting all of them.

The main drain line running beneath them was full of defects, which meant water was leaking out into the ground and causing the damp issues the tenants were experiencing.

We also discovered a broken drain gully, which was also the source of water escaping to cause damp in the properties.

From our CCTV drain survey, we put together a comprehensive report for the landlord. From this we could then proceed with fixing the cause of the damp problem.

We applied patch liners along the length of main pipe where there was deterioration, damage and defects. We also replaced the old, damaged gully.

The drainage repair and replacement work solved the damp problem in the properties.

If you have damp issues, or black mould, the fault may lie with your drainage system. Before you commit to the expense of a damp proof course, consider a CCTV drain survey – it might just provide you with the answers you need, and us with the solution to your damp problems.

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