New sewer system in Edington is completed

A new sewage system in Edington has just been completed by Wessex Water. The new system has seen some 2,300m of pipes added to the network along with a new storm tank so the sewers can cope with excessive rainfall.

Previously only 25 properties in the town were connected to the mains sewage system, but the addition of the new drainage network has meant another 75 properties are now connected to mains sewerage.
The scheme, which started in January, has cost Wessex water £2m and will reduce pollution in the area.
John Phillips, from Wessex Water stated:

“This was a challenging scheme which involved using specialist equipment to remove rock discovered below ground so that the new sewers could be laid.

“Workers also had to contend with heavy snowfall at the beginning of the year but thankfully due to their persistence and cooperation from local residents we were still able to complete the scheme on time.”

The water company has tried to keep residents happy throughout the scheme by giving them progress reports.

Mr Phillips further added:

“This was a major scheme for Edington and we are delighted that local residents have welcomed the improvements it will bring. I would like to thank them for their support and assistance during the work.”

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