New sewer in Abingdon protects SSSI

An £800,000 sewer project has just been completed by Thames Water to protect a site of special scientific interest (SSSI).

The installation of a new sewer at Abingdon in Oxfordshire took 13 weeks to complete and replaced a sewer prone to leaks with a new plastic and concrete sewer away from the local nature reserve.

The new sewer pipe has been redirected away from the rare fenland habitat at Dalton Barracks which supports hundreds of species of rare marsh helleborine and marsh fragrant orchid. The scheme is part of Thames Water’s promise to invest over £4.9bn into the region between 2010 and 2015.
Andrew Popple, the project manager stated:

“This is really great news wildlife and for residents. The new sewer pipe will help prevent flooding to the SSSI land in the future, which will be a great benefit to everyone who enjoys visiting, or live near to, this lovely spot.

“Sewer flooding at people’s homes is a truly miserable experience and getting rid of it is our top priority. Our new sewer pipe will help prevent this.”

The new sewer will also reduce the risk of flooding for a number of residents who have been adversely affected in the past.

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