More on sewer ownership changes this October

We have already reported the news that a new law is to come into place from 1st October this year which will affect the ownership of sewer and wastewater pipes and where they are located. For homeowners, this can depend on the type of property they live in and when it was built.

What it means in practice is that should you find a blockage in the drains outside your property boundary, you may not be responsible for sorting the problem out any longer. It all refers to how the pipes connect to the main sewerage system and who should arrange for the drainage maintenance work to be done.

From the date above, the water company in your local area will have greater responsibility for the flow of wastewater from sinks and toilets through the pipes and into the sewers. However, this law change only applies to pipes outside the land you own which connects to the public sewer system.

Therefore, you will still have to ensure that the pipes within your property boundary are working as they should by carrying wastewater towards the public system. Any pipes connected to a private pumping station will remain the ownership of the person the land belongs to. It is still wise to consult with your drainage maintenance contractor to find out where the responsibility lies should you ever need to report a blockage.

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