More about sewer flooding and other overcapacity issues

In the last article, we looked at the various things which can contribute to part of a sewer network overflowing and flooding our towns and cities. In places like London and other urban areas, the problem is a result of the fact the system of carrying rainwater and wastewater is linked together, meaning it all mixes together.

Situations like this mean that the flooding in these parts of the country can pose a health hazard due to foul sewage being involved.

When a storm is particularly bad and constant, it will not take as long for the sewer flow to reach full capacity and it is hard for the system to cope sufficiently. If it becomes overwhelmed then it is not uncommon for sewage to flood domestic properties in addition to rivers and natural environments.

This overflow comes from gullies and manholes and can create extreme situations where drainage maintenance is required immediately. In high priority cases, councils and water companies will enlist the services of a contractor to keep things under control and get the system working efficiently again.

Flood alleviation schemes are now in place to deal with public sewer flooding issues and ensure that the network has the capacity to cope during heavy storms.

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